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M.A. in Biblical Studies Special Tuition Rate

Your commitment to the three-year cohort model entitles you to a tuition rate unique to this program.

Special Tuition Rate

Committing to stay together as a cohort for three years is worth it! Relationships will develop over time and class discussions will be a growing dialogue with fellow cohort members. All courses in the M.A. in Biblical Studies program are charged 20% less than the normal graduate tuition rate for the regular academic year. This special rate only applies to courses taken in this program.

Tuition for 2016-2017 = $660 per credit hours

Cohort students are also eligible for Federal Stafford loans during the Spring and Summer academic terms, since students carry a half-time load. With planning, a student can take out loans in the Spring and Summer to be able to cover the cost of Fall courses. 

Learn more about your loan options, FAFSA, and the installment plan