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M.A. in Biblical Studies
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M.A. in Biblical Studies

M.A. in Biblical Studies

Why Pursue an Masters in Biblical Studies?

Build a deeper understanding of the Bible. Inspire communities through faith. Share the Gospel in relevant ways. 

Wheaton College Graduate School offers a revitalized M.A. in Biblical Studies (MABS), with classes offered on campus or from a distance in our flexible learning format.  Whether you lead a Bible study, ministry or even a church, this program offers ways to understand how God’s Word relates to our lives, our church, and the society around us.

Why Study Biblical Studies at Wheaton?

You will gain the academic skills necessary for advanced study and service in the church and society through formation in three interrelated areas: biblical and theological knowledge; academic skills and critical reflection; and Christian life and service. Our graduate programs are committed to stimulating learning that bears fruit in lives of faithful thinking and witness for Christ and His kingdom.

You will discuss key positions within the evangelical global church in a community that values charitable conversation. Together you and your peers will wrestle through the hard questions of faith with faculty willing to walk alongside you to find answers in evangelical theology and exegesis.

The M.A. in Biblical Studies offers classes on campus and online with our flexible learning format. The program currently allows students from a distance to enroll in one online course each semester, with more plan for the future.

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Faculty Books

Malachi cover


Dr. Andrew Hill places the book in its historical context to interpret the original meaning, as well as offer the modern reader insights into what it has to say to us today.

Without White Variant

For the Glory of God

Dr. Daniel I. Block examines worship in the Bible and develops a theology of worship that is consistent with the teachings of Scripture and is applicable for the church today.

Thomas, the Other Gospel by Dr. Perrin

Thomas, the Other Gospel

Nicholas Perrin argues that the real value of the Gospel of Thomas lies not in what it might be thought to say about the "real Jesus" but in what it tells us about early Christianity

The MABS is perfect on-the-job biblical training. It’s accessible, it deepens my biblical foundation, and it shapes my ministry. — David Prince M.A., '14, Pastor at Living Word Church
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BITH Grad Women's Fellowship

The BITH Grad Women’s Fellowship was started over a decade ago to provide a space for female graduate students in the department to meet together regularly throughout the year with female faculty, build relationships, provide support, and enjoy each other’s company. The group was started by Dr. Karen Jobes (Emeritus) and is led today by Dr. Jennifer Powell McNutt. Food, fellowship, and prayer are the focus of our time together. If you are a female BITH student in an MA or Ph.D. program, please join us!


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Designed for the Working Professional

Our MABS program allows students to learn from top Wheaton professors, gain an in-depth knowledge of the Bible and relevant theological training, all while acquiring a fully-accredited master's degree in only a year and a half.

The program features a combination of daytime, night, intensive, and online classes. You’ll study the Scripture in English, rather than in Greek and Hebrew, so there's no need to delay enrollment. You can start the program during any term: fall, spring, or summer.

Our students come from all sorts of backgrounds, including music-industry veterans, lawyers, accountants, publishers, students, and current and prospective pastors.

The program gives students a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge to better serve their marketing office, investment firm, small group, church, or anywhere in between.