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Our diverse body of students share about their graduate school search process, academic program experience, and their relationships with Wheaton faculty.

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Luci Sanders

Luci Sanders M.A. ’18, Biblical Exegesis

Community is one of my favorite parts of the Wheaton College Graduate School. I found rich diversity in perspectives and personalities, a willingness to be open towards others in sharing their lives, as well as having fun both inside and outside of the classroom.
Wheaton offers a spectacular way to bond with students both within your discipline and with others in different programs through Graduate Chapel – providing a way to pray, worship, read the Word, and learn together. The community at Wheaton is also incredibly diverse internationally, which adds to the fantastic learning environment. I am consistently interacting with those who come from different backgrounds from all over the world.
There are many amazing local churches to get involved. Housing proved to be an easy way to get in touch with the local community, as there are many options – from splitting rent with other students, to renting a room from a local family, or renting an apartment by yourself.

Yuli Kurniatiningsih

Yuli Kurniatiningsih M.A. '18, TESOL and Intercultural Studies

I immediately felt valued and appreciated with how kind and open the faculty are at Wheaton. I know that they want students to succeed in their studies, so therefore they invest in their students’ lives. The faculty were wonderful in aiding my transition to the U.S. from my home in Indonesia.
Vocationally, I desire to work with university students as a professor in English or the teaching field. My goal is to show young women in Indonesia that they too can be successful through higher education. My desire is to invest in these students’ lives so that they can reach their maximum potential for a brighter future.

Luci Frerichs

Luci Frerichs M.A. ’18, Systematic Theology

Since beginning graduate school at Wheaton, I have noticed my faith has been revitalized by my studies. So many of the questions we continue to have about faith and life have been asked, debated, and explored by those before us in their own unique contexts. I enjoy learning from them and contributing to the theological conversation.
My goal after completing my program at Wheaton is to pursue doctoral studies in Systematic Theology. I also hope to serve the church by doing excellent informed theological reflection in the context of my local body and the academy. I hope to continue to use what I am learning in my program to become a better teacher of the Word of God in whatever context I am called to teach.

Nathan Snyder

Nathan Snyder M.A. '18, Christian Formation and Ministry, Student Development Concentration

Spiritual and intellectual life is intimately connected at Wheaton, so the academic intensity puts my spiritual life into high gear. I have learned new depths of dependence upon God while being held to the highest standard of academic integrity.
I enrolled in the Student Development track in the M.A. Christian Formation and Ministry program to Explore higher education as a vocational direction. I am fascinated by emerging adulthood as a unique stage of development especially since it stretches faith in new ways. I am learning how to minister meaningfully and effectively to those whom are facing challenges and questions as it relates to their faith.

David Hadar

David Hadar Ali M.A. '18, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I chose Wheaton College Graduate School for its academic integrity and its commitment to train competent counselors rooted in the servant-practitioner Christian tradition. The program challenges students to ask questions about their faith and personality, and to examine their desires and dreams.
After graduation, I would like to work in a private practice to complete my licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) requirements. I seek to work with immigrants and refugees from the Middle East.

Sarah Carrell

Sarah Carrell M.A. '17, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I am motivated to go into counseling because of my faith. I want to fully understand people–including the faith aspect–to accomplish holistic healing. Also, I want to grow spiritually as well as intellectually. Through projects, papers, and discussions, you learn how to integrate your faith with psychology.


Bornell Nicholson

Bornell Nicholson M.A. '17, Marriage and Family Therapy

Academically, I am being exposed to all new material in the realm of psychology. I am developing a meta-framework to process my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I am also being introduced into a whole world of literature and psychological research that will aid in interactions with my clients. Furthermore, we wrestle with questions of how our faith helps and hinders us in relating to the clients. Questions like these allow us to really develop our ‘self’ as a future therapist.