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M.A. in Teaching Admission Requirements

Requirements for All Students

  • Application deadline is April 1.
  • Bachelor's degree from an approved institution and in an approved major.
    • Approved institution
      • Regionally accredited and grants degree in education that includes state licensure for teachers.
        • If your school does not grant such a degree, your transcript can be evaluated for meeting Wheaton's general education requirements.
    • Approved Major for Elementary Education Licensure
      • Within Liberal Arts & Sciences
    • Approved Major for Secondary Education Licensure
      • English/Language Arts
      • Foreign Language (French, German, or Spanish)
      • Mathematics
      • Science (designation in Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, or Physics)
      • Social Science (designation in History)
  • GPA 3.0 minimum
  • MAT (Miller Analogies Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) General Test
  • TAP (Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency)
    • ACT or SAT scores can be submitted to the ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) in lieu of the TAP.
      • ACT 22 minimum, plus writing score. SAT 1030 minimum, plus writing score.
  • Official transcripts from all schools that ever granted you college credit, even just one credit.
  • Admission application.
  • Three recommendation forms, not letters. 
    • Academic.
    • Pastoral (or other Christian leader).
    • Professional.
      • Option if you do not have an employer: Someone with whom you have had a supervisor-employee relationship, for example in a ministry, internship, or missions-trip context.
    • Letters accepted as supplements to Recommendation Forms.
  • Three essays.
  • Chronological resume.
  • Signed  Statement of Faith, Community Covenant, and Statement of Veracity.
  • Application fee US $30, non-refundable.

Additional Requirements for International Students

Illinois Content Area Test

  • The Illinois Content Area Test is not required for admission, but it must be passed to be eligible for student teaching.
    • Elementary Education candidates take the content-area test during the second semester of the program.
    • Secondary Education candidates take the content-area test before student teaching. They can also take the test before starting the MAT program.
  • International students also must pass Illinois Content Area Test.