Loyal Wheaties

Loyal Wheaties is a Wheaton Fund giving society that recognizes those who give to the Wheaton Fund, engage with the College, and share their Wheaton spirit with family and friends each year.

The Importance of Faithful Giving

Loyal Wheaties is a Wheaton Fund giving society that honors faithful giving at every level. Wheaton College relies on the consistent support of alumni, parents, and friends year after year to provide essential Wheaton Fund dollars that maintain the affordability and excellence of a Wheaton experience for every student. 

Orange and Blue

Watch this video to see Tor demonstrate what it means to be orange and blue, through and through! 

Each year, Loyal Wheaties...

  • GIVE— Make a gift at any level to the Wheaton Fund for two or more consecutive calendar years.
  • SHARE— Spread Wheaton spirit to family and friends
    • Follow the College on social media
    • Refer a student
    • Sport Wheaton College gear

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my membership? 

Your membership in the Loyal Wheaties giving society continues automatically each consecutive year that you make a gift to the Wheaton Fund. 

What timeframe is used to determine an 'annual' gift? 

Gifts made to the Wheaton Fund between January 1 and December 31 of each year will be counted towards the Loyal Wheaties giving society. 

Is every gift to Wheaton College counted toward the Loyal Wheaties giving society? 

Because Loyal Wheaties recognizes the importance of annual support for the annual fund, only gifts to the Wheaton Fund are included as criteria for membership. 

How can I be sure I don't miss a year of giving?

In order to ensure that their giving is consistent, many people establish a monthly gift with a credit or debit card

Why is a mastodon part of the Loyal Wheaties logo? 

The mastodon on the logo represents Tor, the Wheaton College mascot.