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Tom and Lorie Lindholtz

Tom '69 and Lorie Lindholtz believe that good stewardship involves thoughtful estate planning.

Tom and Lorie Lindholtz“If it is true that we brought nothing into the world and can take nothing out of it, then all that we have acquired here has been acquired by virtue of the gifts, talents, and abilities that Christ has granted us,” says Tom Lindholtz ’69. “It seems only reasonable that we take pains to assure that that which is rightfully His be returned to His use when we leave. Wheaton was a significant instrument used by God in my life and made a significant contribution to my success, and so it is a small ‘repayment,’ if you will, of a debt owed.”

Tom knows that one aspect of good stewardship involves having an updated estate plan. “Lorie and I recently lost a very dear friend quite suddenly and unexpectedly. The good news is that he had done a very careful job of setting up a trust and estate plan. The bad news is that the plan was over 19 years old and had never been updated. As a result, it included a number of provisions that made very good sense at the time but were very outdated by now and had the unintended result of making things extremely difficult for his widow and heirs,” says Tom. “Not having a trust and will is a very great problem. But having one that is out of date can be just as big a problem.”

Tom and Lorie Lindholtz utilized Wheaton’s complimentary  estate analysis service to review their estate plans and learn charitable and secular strategies to improve their plans. “Wheaton has developed real excellence in the field,” says Tom. “Our attorney had experience in the field of wills, trusts, and estates, but he had never encountered a client who sought to do what we wanted to do. Dave Teune [Director of Gift Planning Services] made a couple trips to consult, and he communicated with us regularly. Our attorney still raves about the Wheaton staff’s skill and knowledge level.”

Tom and Lorie had their attorney set up a revocable living trust and testamentary  charitable remainder trust to provide income for their children and grandchildren while making a significant gift to the College. They selected  Wheaton College Trust Company to manage their trusts. “Wheaton has a great, long track record of trust management, and its commitment to excellence in the endeavor is demonstrated by going the extra mile in establishing a nationally chartered trust company to administer these plans,” says Tom.

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