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George Newitt

Lawyer and chemical engineer George Newitt helps provide for student scholarships and faculty salaries through his charitable gift annuity.

George NewittGeorge B. Newitt HON began his career as a chemical engineer, doing research and development of self-sealing gasoline tanks for military aircraft from 1940 to 1945. After the end of WWII, George went to law school at Notre Dame. Entering practice with a large intellectual property firm headquartered in Chicago, he tried patent, trademark, and copyright cases all over the country, representing many Christian clients such as Servicemaster, Tyndale House Publishers, and Moody Bible Institute. A member of the Christian Legal Society since its 1961 inception, George served as president of the organization from 1990 to 1992.

At more than 95 years old, George still sings in the College Church Choir on Sundays and remains a familiar presence at Wheaton campus events. A member of the Wheaton College Board of Trustees since 1968, he today supports Wheaton in the role of trustee emeritus. Wheaton alumni in his family include his two children, Timothy Newitt ’65 and Sylvia Alloway ’71.

George recently set up a new  charitable gift annuity to provide financial support for student scholarships and faculty salaries. The gift annuity enables George to make a significant contribution to Wheaton’s ministry while also creating a partially tax-free income stream to supplement his retirement income. Since the annuity was funded with stock instead of cash, it also reduces his capital gains taxes. George appreciates the expertise of Wheaton’s gift planning team. “As a lawyer, I have worked with attorney David Teune and his staff for many years. I am confident that they are experts in annuity law and are able to design the most favorable programs for both the donor and the College.”

But to George, the most important benefit his annuity offers is support for future Wheaton students and faculty members. “As a graduate chemical engineer, I am particularly interested in the cooperative program with Illinois Institute of Technology, which enables a student to graduate with Wheaton degree and an IIT degree. Both are excellent institutions with superior reputations. I am proud of Wheaton’s new state-of-the-art science building, the best of any liberal arts college in the country. This facility enables Wheaton students to excel in science.”

George adds, “Wheaton made me aware of the nature of a Christian liberal arts college, what a Wheaton liberal arts education can do to graduate students who stand tall for Christ in their chosen profession.”

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