Give to Wheaton Through Your Will or Trust

Remembering Wheaton College in your will, revocable living trust, or as a beneficiary of your retirement account allows you to make a significant gift to Wheaton College and at the same time allows you to maintain control over your assets during your life. The terms of your will, revocable living trust or beneficiary designation are flexible and can be changed throughout your lifetime should you decide to modify your charitable bequests.

Bequest language is simple: “… to Wheaton College, located in Wheaton, Illinois.” The charitable bequest can either be a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the total estate, or a percentage of the residual estate. Leaving a charitable bequest to Wheaton College is a special way to leave a legacy for future generations.

Sample Bequest Language

Gift of specific dollar amount:
"I hereby give to Wheaton College, located in Wheaton, Illinois, the sum of $________."

Gift of specific percentage of estate
"I hereby give ____% of my estate [or "my Trust assets" if using a revocable living trust] to Wheaton College, located in Wheaton, Illinois."

Bequest with Wheaton College as contingent beneficiary
"In the event any of my above-named beneficiaries have not survived me, I hereby direct their shares to be distributed to Wheaton College, located in Wheaton, Illinois."

"[We were] convinced that Wheaton College had the best estate planning program that could facilitate our needs and provide for our various Kingdom causes." — Bob and Brenda McDonell, Blanchard Society