Create Income for Wheaton College

You can create a current stream of income for Wheaton College for a period of years by transferring assets to a charitable lead trust, which distributes the income to Wheaton College for a term of years. At the end of the trust term, the trust distributes the trust assets to the designated non-charitable beneficiaries – typically your children or grandchildren. By establishing a charitable lead trust, the donor is, in effect, "lending" the assets to Wheaton College for the term of the trust and passing an asset to their family that has hopefully increased in value over the term of the trust.

The benefits of this gift arrangement are primarily 1) the reduction or elimination of the estate and/or gift taxes imposed on the transfer of assets to children or others at the end of the trust, and 2) the ability to make a current gift to Wheaton College. If the lead trust is structured properly, it is also possible to obtain an income tax deduction at the time the trust is set up. Our experts in Gift Planning Services are available to discuss the options with you if your think a lead trust might work for your situation.