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Charitable Remainder Trust

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What is a Charitable Remainder Trust?

The charitable remainder trust continues to be one of the most useful and versatile planned giving tools available. The charitable remainder trust enables you to receive income for life and avoid potential capital gains taxes, and provides you with a current charitable income tax deduction. Real estate, cash, marketable securities, and closely held stock can all be transferred into the charitable remainder trust in exchange for lifetime income.

Since the trust is tax-exempt, when the trustee sells the assets there are no tax consequences. After the trust asset has been sold, the proceeds are subsequently invested in a diversified portfolio to provide you with lifetime income and a residual charitable gift to the charitable beneficiaries.

A charitable remainder trust is irrevocable and cannot be changed or revoked after it is created. However, the charitable beneficiaries may be amended as provided in the trust agreement. 

What will a Charitable Remainder Trust do for me?

The principal advantages are as follows:

  • Lifetime income stream
  • Avoid potential capital gains taxes on appreciated assets
  • Charitable income tax deduction
  • Tax-free growth of trust assets
  • Diversification of assets
  • Significant investment in Wheaton College

Learn about the types of charitable remainder trusts

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