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Stock Transfer Instructions

Gifts of Securities

Electronic Form

  • Complete the  Request for Electronic Transfer Instructions to obtain Wheaton's wire instructions. You can also request these instructions from your Regional Director of Development or the Gift Planning Services staff at 630.752.5332.
  • Give written authorization (including Wheaton's wire instructions) to your broker to electronically transfer the securities. You should check with your broker for specific instructions.

Paper Certificate Form

  • Fill out the endorsement on the back of the certificate, or complete a separate assignment or stock power form. See  Stock/Bond Assignment (PDF) form.
  • Transfer the security to "Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois."
  • Sign your name exactly as stated on the certificate.
  • Have your signature guaranteed (with medallion) by a securities broker or bank officer.
  • Fill out and sign a Third Party Letter of Instruction (TPL). See  TPL (PDF) form.
  • Mail the certificate, stock assignment, and TPL to the College by registered mail at the following address:
    Wheaton College
    Office of Gift Planning Services
    501 College Avenue
    Wheaton, IL 60187
  • Send the certificate separate from the stock power or assignment form (for safety purposes) if you have executed an assignment separate from the certificate.