Gifts of Stock


Donating long-term appreciated stock allows you to avoid potential capital gain taxes, receive a charitable income tax deduction, and make a significant gift to Wheaton College. Be sure that you have owned the shares at least 12 months and one day (the IRS definition of “long-term”) and that the stock has appreciated.

The Office of Gift Planning Services is pleased to provide you with  transfer instructions for both securities held in certificate form and securities held in brokerage accounts. For securities held in electronic form, simply fill out the Request for Electronic Transfer Instructions form, and we will email you the appropriate information.

You may be able to make a charitable gift and increase your annual income, especially if you have low-interest CDs or stocks that pay low annual dividends. A  Charitable Gift Annuity offers you a way to support the ministry at Wheaton College and lock in a fixed rate of return for your life.

Appreciated long-term stock can also be used to fund a charitable remainder trust. The  Charitable Remainder Trust allows you to avoid capital gains taxes, receive an income for life, make a significant gift to Wheaton College, and receive a charitable income tax deduction. As with the charitable gift annuity, the annual income from a charitable remainder trust may be higher than the income you currently receive from your appreciated securities.

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