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Donor Advised Funds

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Partner with Wheaton College through the Donor Advised Fund, a flexible and convenient one-stop giving tool.

Wheaton College created the Donor Advised Fund not only to enhance your giving to Wheaton College but also to encourage and facilitate your giving to other qualified charities. The Donor Advised Fund provides an efficient, flexible way to make gifts of appreciated property as well as cash. 

The following are some important advantages of the Donor Advised Fund that may make it an important tool in your charitable planning:

One-Stop Giving

The Wheaton College Donor Advised Fund provides a convenient, cost-effective opportunity for charitable giving, particularly the gifting of appreciated assets which would be difficult or inconvenient to split between your favorite charities. Give now; recommend charities later. And you receive just one concise receipt for income tax purposes.

Recommend Charities

The Donor Advised Fund gives you the opportunity not only to support the ministries of Wheaton College but also recommend other charities for gifts from the Donor Advised Fund.

Build a Charitable Legacy

The Donor Advised Fund is a hassle-free alternative to the private family foundation. Use the Donor Advised Fund to create your own charitable endowment, which will annually support qualified charities during your life and after your death. Also, your ability to recommend distributions to other qualified charities from this charitable endowment can be passed on to family members so that they too can share in the joy and excitement of participating in charitable giving.

Financial Strength

Endowed gifts are invested by the Donor Advised Fund through the Wheaton College Trust Company, N.A. in the same well-managed investment pools as Wheaton’s regular endowment.

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