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Fall 2020 Planning Process

Because we believe so strongly in Christian community and the close exchange that liberal arts learning requires, we will do everything in our power to welcome students to our beautiful campus in August. We very much hope and pray to be together in person—although we cannot promise this, we are planning for it. 


Fall Planning Committee Chart

Until there is a vaccine, few places in the world will be coronavirus-free. To open campus to our students, however, we need to be coronavirus-safe. 

To prepare for a coronavirus-safe campus, the Senior Administrative Cabinet has appointed a Fall Planning Committee and four working groups dedicated to Academics, Finance and Operations, Onboarding and Enrollment, and Student Development. All Senior Administrative Cabinet members will serve on the Fall Planning Committee, and a member will lead each working group in close collaboration with a coordinator. Please find a list of members and leaders below. You are welcome to address any questions to the working group leaders.  

Fall Planning Focus Groups


  • Margaret Diddams - Senior Administrative Cabinet Lead
  • Sarah Miglio - Coordinator
  • Christine Colon
  • David Lauber
  • Jill Lederhouse
  • Bryan McGraw

Academic point people:  Sheila Caldwell, Becky Eggimann, Paul Ericksen, Jill Lederhouse, Cherith Lundin, Laura Montgomery, Scott Moreau, Rob Ribbe, Noah Toly, Michael Wilder, Wendy Woodward, Heather Whitney, Matt Lundin

Finance and Operations

  • Chad Rynbrandt – Senior Administrative Cabinet lead
  • Wendy Woodward - Coordinator
  • Amy Hillstrom
  • Bryan McGraw
  • Karen Belling
  • Joe Moore
  • Carlos Garcia
  • Scott Okesson
  • Justin Heth
  • Tony Dawson
  • Karen Tucker

Onboarding and Enrollment

  • Silvio Vazquez – Senior Administrative Cabinet lead
  • Steve Ivester – Coordinator
  • Justin Heth
  • Karen King
  • Karen Belling
  • Jean Kliebhan
  • Rachael Botting
  • Rebecca Larson
  • Terrace Campbell
  • Barb Nussbaum
  • Ray Chang
  • Rob Ribbe
  • Julie Davis
  • Jerry Woehr
  • Eric Durbin
  • Wendy Woodward
  • Karen Gehl
  • Mary Yeboah

Student Development

  • Paul Chelsen – Senior Administrative Cabinet lead
  • Beth Walsh - Coordinator
  • Steve Ivester
  • Yulee Lee
  • Ray Chang
  • Jennie Nicodem
  • David Cho
  • Dee Pierce
  • Julie Davis
  • Toussaint Whetstone
  • Estefy Hernandez (student)
  • Carrie Williams
  • Justin Heth
  • Jerry Woehr
  • Karen Hurula
  • Wendy Woodward