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Nicole Mazzarella Creates New Senior Series Called "The Writing Life"

We are continually grateful for the creativity and dedication of our faculty as they look for ways to teach remotely. 

Nicole MazarellaNicole Mazzarella, Associate Professor of English, shared a new assignment she designed for Senior Seminar for English majors with a writing concentration.

“I've launched a new series called ‘The Writing Life.’ Rather than simply holding to our original schedule, I redesigned the class for their current situation. I reached out to former students and established writers and asked them to talk to my students about writing, publishing, and their careers. Over a dozen have generously responded with short videos, so my students will receive advice from a television writer, poets, novelists, an international journalist, and editors. I'm also filming an interview that will give them a ‘Behind the Scenes of a Book Launch.’  Here is the intro of one of the videos that one of my former students produced in a one-day turnaround!”