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COVID-19 Vaccine Info

Vaccines Are Available!

Wheaton College strongly recommends that all faculty, staff, and students be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible. This will support our return to living and learning in community in a more timely way.


You can now receive vaccines in DuPage County, and the State of Illinois recently announced that it plans to open the COVID-19 vaccine to any resident age 16 and up. We are also pleased to hear reports of increased availability through primary care physicians, Walgreens, and state and county vaccination locations. To obtain more information about being vaccinated, please contact your doctor’s office, create an account on the Walgreen’s website, and/or register with DuPage County (or your county of residence).  

Please see the short video above of President Ryken having a discussion on the importance of the vaccine with Wheaton College employee Corrine Rectenwald, who serves as community partnership coordinator in our department of Health Professions.

The College will continue to follow all State of Illinois protocols regarding mandatory masking and distancing, regardless of vaccination status, until further notice.

If you experience any vaccine side effects (fever, fatigue, body aches, tenderness at injection site, etc.) in the 48 hours following your vaccine, there is no need to isolate. If symptoms persist beyond two days, please contact Student Health Services. 

If you are participating in the weekly testing program, continuing with this regimen is optional, two weeks after your final vaccination. You can be removed from the testing protocol by sending a copy of your completed vaccination card to covid.test@wheaton.edu. Receiving the vaccination will not alter your test results. 

To receive your vaccination as soon as possible, you will want to consider multiple vaccine locations. Some pharmacies require you to create an account before you can register for a shot. Here are some key links to get you started: