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Art Classes

Sculpt with junk, cartoon with character, and fuse glass this summer!

 cartoon class

Summer Art Classes

  • All art supplies are included! 
  • Art class registration due one week prior to class start date
  • No refunds after deadline
  • K-adult art classes take place at CSA's Visual Art Studio: 
    1825 College Ave, Wheaton


Creepy, Crawly Bugs (Age 3.5-5)

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Dig into multiple art mediums to create friendly bugs. Students will use clay to sculpt their own bug. Then craft a fun bug mask to wear home. Add a music class, click here.

JUN 18-22 | M-F | 9:15-10:15 am | Pierce 104* | $60
JUN 18-22 | M-F | 10:20-11:20 am | Pierce 104* | $60
Jenny Nagle, CSA Visual Arts Faculty 

* Creepy, Crawly Bugs class is located on Wheaton College’s main campus in the Pierce building. 






Art sculpture of orange mask

3-D Paper Art (gr K-2)

Explore the endless possibilities of sculpting paper! Fold, cut, glue, crimp, punch, layer and embellish colorful papers to create a festive mask and other sculptural forms.

JUN 12, 13, 14 | T-W-TH | 10 am-12 pm | Art Studio | $70
Jenny Nagle, CSA Visual Art Faculty


Junk art sculptures

Junk Sculpture (gr 3-5)

Create art out of anything and everything! Students will discover that 'junk' or discarded materials can be made into pieces of art. Learning the basics of armature framework, students will create an original up-cycled sculpture.

JUN 12, 13, 14 | T-W-TH | 1-3 pm | Art Studio | $70
Jenny Nagle, CSA Visual Art Faculty


Cartoon illustration of frog prince

Cartooning (gr 4-8)

This class is hands-on and interactive. Students learn the essential components of cartooning by drawing characters with a range of moods and expressions to make their cartoons come alive.

JUN 19-20-21 | T-W-TH | 6-8 pm | Art Studio | $70
Jim Martin, local artist


Colored pencil drawing of tree

Colored Pencil (gr 9-adult)

Learn while observing demonstrations and techniques such as varying pressure, strokes and layering. Create your own colorful artwork incorporating drawing, composition, color theory, value and form.

JUN 26-27-28 | T-W-TH | 6-8 pm | Art Studio | $70
Patricia Helbig, CSA Visual Art Faculty


Glass initial A

The Art of Glass Letters (gr 4-adult)

Explore the creative process of glass fusing. Learn fundamental glass skills, how to cut pieces safely and ways to artistically arrange glass to create colorful hanging initials.

gr 4-8
JUN 11 | 6-8 pm | Art Studio | $35
Jenny Nagle, CSA Visual Art Faculty

gr 9-adult
JUN 18 | 6-8 pm | Art Studio | $35
Jenny Nagle, CSA Visual Art Faculty