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Summer Lessons

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Summer Lessons

Enjoy the many benefits of starting music lessons in summer! Summer’s flexible schedule allows your child to try something new. Music practice will keep their mind active and lessons help organize your week. 

  • Suzuki and Traditional lessons are offered
  • Group classes do not meet in Summer
  • Students who enroll in Summer are expected to continue instrument study in fall with the same teacher
  • Summer semester only: students may select the number of lessons


New Student Summer Private Lessons (Suzuki/Traditional)

30 min | $46/lesson

Use promo code SUM19 for free registration ($35 savings) before July 31, 2019.

The Suzuki method is based on the philosophy that every child has the potential to reach a high level of musicianship, and the learning process corresponds to the way a child assimilates language—through listening, imitation, and practice. CSA’s comprehensive Suzuki program is nationally recognized, with 20 faculty members and 400 students.

  • Instruments offered: piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar
  • Initial emphasis is on rote learning, position, technique, and tone, prior to introducing note-reading
  • Parent attends all lessons with the student and supervises home practice
  • Summer semester only: students may select the number of lessons

Ready to enroll?

Visit the Suzuki page for enrollment details.

CSA’s Preparatory program provides music lessons with a traditional approach to over 150 students. Our faculty members hold advanced degrees, have extensive experience working with students of all levels and employ a variety of methods to meet individual needs and goals. CSA’s nurturing and creative environment builds character and equips students to become excellent artists.

  • Instruments offered: piano, violin, cello, guitar
  • Early emphasis is on note-reading, excellent technique, and self-expression
  • Parent involvement is encouraged for young students, but not required
  • Summer semester only: students may select the number of lessons

Ready to enroll?

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