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With the Famous

Billy Graham and movie stars 

With a group of Hollywood actors and producers, including Noel Coward (seated on the left), Spencer Tracy (with bow tie) and Jimmy Stewart (to right of Graham). (September 1951.)


Billy Graham in Korea 1952

With President Syngman Rhee of South Korea (December 24, 1952).



Billy Graham and President Kennedy

With President of the United States John F. Kennedy (February 9, 1961).


Billy Graham and President Nixon 

With President of the United States Richard M. Nixon (October 15, 1971).



Billy Graham and Johnny Carson

September 13, 1972. Appearance on the Tonight Show television program with Johnny Carson.



Billy Graham and Pope John Paul II

January 12, 1981. Meeting with Pope John Paul II at Vatican City in Rome, Italy.



Billy Graham in Korea

With President Kim Il Sung of North Korea (April 2, 1992).


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