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Ruth Bell Graham


Ruth Bell on Senior Sneak Day at Wheaton in 1943.

Ca. 1940. Ruth by a cottonwood tree



Ruth Bell Graham and family

Ca. 1941. Ruth Bell (on right) and her sister Rosa with their father, L. Nelson Bell. The photo was probably taken in Montreat, North Carolina.


Billy and Ruth Bell Graham

Ca. 1943. Ruth and Billy Graham sitting under tree during their college days


Ruth Bell Graham

a. 1943



Billly and Ruth Bell Graham wedding

1943. Wedding picture



Billy and Ruth Graham

Ca. 1944. Ruth and Billy Graham



Billy and Ruth Graham with friends

Ca. 1945. Chuck Templeton, Bob Evans, Billy and Ruth Graham, Merv Rosell



Billy and Ruth Graham at Maranatha

Ca. 1946. Ruth and Billy Graham at Maranatha Camp in Michigan



 Billy Graham with family members

Ca. 1947. Back row: Melvin Graham, his brother Billy Graham, their brother-in-law Sam McElroy. Front row: Ruth (Bell) Graham, William F. Graham Sr., Jean Coffey Graham, Morrow (Coffey) Graham, Catherine (Graham) McElroy. William and Morrow Graham were the parents of Billy, Melvin, Catherine, and Jean.



Ruth and Gigi Graham

1949. Ruth with her daughter Gigi


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