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March 18, 1946 - Chicago Municipal Airport

Billy Graham Youth for Christ SendoffIn March, the evangelistic organization Youth for Christ for the first time sent a preaching team to Europe. The team consisted of YFC president and evangelist Torrey M. Johnson, evangelists Billy Graham and Charles Templeton and song leader J. Stratton Shufelt. For all members of the team, it was their first time out of North America. This clip from a silent home movie (BGC Archives Collection 285, Film F1), probably taken by a member of Johnson's family, shows the YFC rally at the airport, attended according to newspaper coverage, by more than 1,000 people. 


June 1, 1957 - New York City Crusade

Billy Graham Madison Square GardenBlack and white kinescope of the live broadcast of the first service of the Billy Graham New York City Crusade to be televised nationally. 

Note: You can also visit the Archives' online exhibit commemorating the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's 1957 New York Crusade.


July 20, 1957 - Yankee Stadium

Billy Graham Yankee StadiumBlack and white kinescope of the live ABC Network television broadcast of the Yankee Stadium meeting of the New York City Crusade. It was longer than previous broadcasts, going to nearly ninety minutes.

The film is divided into two parts:


August 31, 1957 - Madison Square Garden

Billy Graham Madison Square GardenExcerpt from the black and white kinescope of the live broadcast of the last service of the New York City Crusade held in the Garden.

Graham’s sermon was, “To God Be the Glory.”


September 1, 1957 - Times Square Story

Billy Graham Times SquareTimes Square Story, a film about the last service of the Billy Graham New York City Crusade. 

Presented by Chancel Films, Philadelphia, PA and produced by Walter F. Bennett and Fred Dienert.



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