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Applying for Scholarships

Wheaton College offers many types of merit scholarships to help make a Wheaton experience more attainable for students and families. Some require an application, while others do not. You can see a full listing of merit awards on our website. For those interested in applying for financial aid, including grants, loans, and endowed scholarships, visit our Financial Aid webpage.

Applying for the Presidential Leadership Awards and Multicultural Scholarships

The Presidential Leadership Awards and Multicultural Scholarships require a separate Scholarship Application to be considered.

To prepare before submitting, please feel free to craft your response to the required essay prompt:

In 750-1000 words, describe the leadership knowledge and skills you’ve gained from personal experiences in one of the following areas. Include in your response reflections on how your Christian values have influenced and/or been influenced by these experiences.

Academic Engagement — Ways your academic studies and interests shape how you interpret and/or impact the world around you.

American Multicultural Engagement — Experiences with or engagement of issues around ethnic diversity within the United States

Civic Engagement
 — Involvement in activities that made a positive impact on your school, community, or society.

Global Engagement — Service, engagement, and experiences with the global community. International travel would be positive, but not required if you have engagement with global issues from your home area.

Ministry Engagement — Commitment to build up the church and benefit society through ministry, discipleship, or evangelism.

Multicultural Scholarship applicants:
If you selected any category besides American Multicultural Engagement, please also respond to the following question (in 500 words):

“In what ways do you hope to contribute to building a healthy, diverse community at Wheaton College?”

Online Scholarship Application

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