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Transfer Applicants

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Each year, Wheaton College welcomes over 60 transfers from other schools, both two- and four-year institutions.

Information for Transfer Applicants

Definition of Transfer Applicant

  • Transfer applicants are those who, at the time of application, have graduated from high school and subsequently earned credit at a higher education institution.

For Conservatory of Music Applicants

You may apply to the College of Arts and Sciences or to the Conservatory of Music, but not both. If you wish to pursue a Bachelor of Music or a Bachelor of Music Education, please apply to the Conservatory of Music.

For International Applicants

If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, please review the admissions process for international students.

Previous Wheaton College Applicants

Students who have applied to Wheaton College within the last two years, but who have not enrolled, should apply online using our Supplementary Application. The application fee is waived for these applicants. Additional required items include a final high school transcript, a new academic recommendation, subsequent college transcripts, and an essay. If so, please applying using our Supplementary Application. If the original application was submitted over two years ago, the candidate must submit a new application to the College of Arts and Sciences or to the Conservatory of Music.

If You Already Have a Bachelor's Degree

If you have already earned a bachelor's degree, please contact the Admissions Office before applying.

Steps to Apply as a Transfer Student

  1. Review deadlines
  2. Submit application 
  3. Submit transcripts
  4. Submit recommendations
  5. Submit test scores
  6. Schedule an interview (optional)
  7. Apply for financial aid

Questions and More Information

Still have questions? You may find our Frequently Asked Questions helpful.

Call us with any questions at 800.222.2419. Your admissions counselor will be happy to help.

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