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Scholarships for 2018-19

New scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen and transfer students

National Merit finalists receive $15,000 per year! 

National Merit college sponsored finalists will receive $15,000 per year of our National Merit Scholarship!

National Merit semi-finalists or corporate sponsored scholars should contact Student Financial Services to determine scholarship eligibility. 

Merit-Based Scholarships

We offer the following merit-based scholarships to all qualified freshmen and transfer students. The scholarships are renewable for up to 8 semesters. Any questions about GPA or test score eligibility can be directed to the Admissions Office – 800.222.2419 or admissions@wheaton.edu

Presidential Leadership Awards

Presidential Leadership Award honorees will have demonstrated solid academic performance, depth of Christian faith, and exceptional leadership capabilities. These highly selective scholarships reward incoming Wheaton students for their ability to lead the campus community in Kingdom priorities. All Presidential Leadership Awards are renewable annually for up to four years with a 3.0 GPA.  All Wheaton College applicants (including non-U.S. citizens) are eligible to apply by completing the Wheaton College Scholarship Application.

Blanchard Leadership Award - $40,000 ($10,000 per year)

Charles Blanchard, Wheaton’s second president and son of founder Jonathan Blanchard, is the College’s longest serving president. During his 43 years in office, Blanchard commended students to hard work in their studies and compassion for the wider world.

Edman Leadership Award - $20,000 ($5,000 per year)

Wheaton College’s fourth president, V. Raymond Edman led the institution through its 100th anniversary. Under his tenure, Wheaton rose to global impact and international acclaim for distinctively Christ-centered education.

Recipients of the Presidential Leadership Awards will have demonstrated leadership skills and knowledge in one of following areas:

Academic Engagement – Ways your academic studies and interests shape how you interpret and/or impact the world around you.

American Multicultural Engagement – Demonstration of engaging issues of ethnic diversity within the United States through activities or personal experience.

Civic Engagement – Involvement in activities that made a positive impact on your school, community, or society.

Global Engagement – Service, engagement, and experiences with the global community. International travel would be positive, but not required if you have engagement with global issues from your home area.

Ministry Engagement – Commitment to build up the church and benefit society through ministry, discipleship, or evangelism.

Arthur Holmes Faith and Learning Scholarship - $20,000 ($5,000 per year)

The Arthur Holmes Faith and Learning Scholarship honors outstanding students with a merit scholarship named after one of Wheaton's most distinguished graduates. Arthur F. Holmes was a veteran of World War II who, after completing his doctorate, returned to spend his career teaching Philosophy at Wheaton College. His influence can hardly be overstated; he inspired generations of graduates to bring distinctively Christian perspectives to the very secular field of Philosophy with remarkable results; became a tireless advocate for Christian higher education, thus strengthening the entire Christian college and university movement; and raised the vision of many for how we can honorably serve Christ in all areas of life. We urge the recipients of this award to aspire to excellence in service to Christ in their academic preparation at Wheaton College.  It will be awarded to any first time, first year freshman who meets the following requirements:

  • 3.7 unweighted high school GPA and
  • minimum ACT score of 32 or a minimum score of 1400 on the old SAT (Critical Reasoning and Math sections) or 1450 on the new SAT

This scholarship is also available to qualified transfer students who meet the above criteria and have maintained a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) at their current college/university. The scholarship award is $20,000 ($5,000/yr. renewable with a 3.0 GPA at Wheaton College).

Special Notes about the Scholarships:

Wheaton utilizes “superscores” for both the SAT and the ACT when considering eligibility for the  Presidential Leadership and Holmes awards. This means that we combine the highest individual sub-scores from multiple tests in order to create a new composite score. For this reason, retaking the exam can be particularly worthwhile if a higher score would position a student for a scholarship. Please click here for more information.

(Note: Because of recent changes to the FAFSA, ACT and SAT tests taken after the deadline for your corresponding application type are not guaranteed for scholarship consideration. See application deadlines here)

Additional Wheaton College Awarded Merit Scholarships

There are several other aid opportunities that are available to certain students who meet a variety of donor selection criteria. Unless noted, we do not ask that you apply separately for any of these scholarships:

Multicultural Student Scholarships require a separate application. Learn more >

Music Merit Scholarships: Scholarships available to Conservatory of Music students that range in amount. Learn more >

Beatrice Batson Merit Scholarship: Annual merit scholarship available to incoming freshman interested in the Humanities with a minimum high school GPA of 4.00/4.00.

Phillips Family Scholarship: Annual merit scholarship awarded to the children of pastors, missionaries or full-time Christian workers who are awarded the Arthur Holmes Faith and Learning Award. Available for up to 8 semesters if a major is declared in the Natural Sciences or Bible & Theology and the student maintains a minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA at Wheaton.

Reihmer Scholarship: Annual merit scholarship awarded to income freshman with demonstrated talent and passions in the Natural and Social Sciences.

Sallberg Scholarship: Annual merit scholarship awarded to gifted U.S. citizens with preference given to (but not limited to) students with financial need. Recipients must maintain a 3.30/4.00 GPA and major in Business, Education, Science, or the Conservatory of Music.

Wheaton Engineering Scholarship: Merit scholarship awarded to one incoming freshman interested in pursuing engineering, renewable for the second year of the program provided the recipient maintains good academic standing. Learn more >

Wheaton College Physics Merit Scholarship: Annual award from the Physics Department given to one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior. Learn more >

ROTC Room and Board Scholarship: Annual merit scholarship available to enrolled Army ROTC cadet. Applications available from the Military Science Department. Learn more >