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New Scholarships

Scholarships Beginning Fall 2020

Wheaton College is pleased to announce increased academic scholarship levels for new students enrolling at Wheaton, beginning Fall 2020.

Presidential Scholarships

The Presidential Scholarships, named after Wheaton College’s historic leaders, extend the College’s investment in students who demonstrate deepening Christian faith and significant academic achievement in their schools and communities.

  • $64,000 ($16,000 per year)

  • $56,000 ($14,000 per year)

  • $48,000 ($12,000 per year)

  • $32,000 ($8,000 per year)

National Merit Semi-Finalists

National Merit Semifinalists are automatically awarded the highest Presidential Scholarship which is $16,000 per year for up to four years. Students who advance to Finalist status can receive additional funding from National Merit based on their awarding criteria. Wheaton College does not have an institutional fund for National Merit Finalists.

Additional Wheaton College Awarded Merit Scholarships

Multicultural Student Scholarships: Require a separate application. Learn more about Multicultural Scholarships >

Music Merit Scholarships: Available to Conservatory of Music students that range in amount. Learn more about Conservatory of Music Scholarships >

ROTC Room and Board Scholarship: Annual merit scholarship available to enrolled Army ROTC cadet. Applications available from the Military Science Department. Learn more about ROTC Scholarships >

How Are Scholarships Awarded? 

Every applicant to Wheaton is given consideration for academic scholarships, based on standardized tests, GPA, academic rigor of curriculum, and class rank (if available). Students who qualify will receive their scholarship offer with their acceptance letter.