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Undergraduate Students

Wheaton undergraduates receive one or several types of financial aid to help them and their families pay for college.

Financial aid can take three forms:

  • Grants and Scholarships: These are awarded and do not have to be repaid.
  • Loans: These are awarded and must be repaid.
  • Work-study: Work-study funds provide aid in exchange for work for certain eligible students, usually in the form of campus-based employment.

Here are resources to help you find your way, for first-time and current undergraduate students. Please contact us if we can help you with specific questions.

Apply for Financial Aid

Learn how to apply for financial aid, and find the resources you need to complete the process.


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Scholarships & Aid

There are many types of scholarships and aid options available to Wheaton students. See a list of them and find out which ones you are eligible to receive.



Many times, a student must take out loans in order to fully pay for college. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you find out what type of loans are available and how to get started.