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Applying for Financial Aid the First Time

Before you begin, please read through the Wheaton College Financial Aid eligibility criteria and familiarize yourself with the types of aid available.


1. Determine your eligibility

2. Review types of scholarships and loans

3. Apply for Financial Aid

4. Accept your Award

Award Estimates:

We can process estimated financial aid awards for new undergraduates selected for verification if they have completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and certain other requested items.

An estimated award may be completed before the following have been received: verification worksheet and W2's for non-tax-filers with income. Our recommended deadline to submit these items is June 1.

If the above requirements are met, we will process an award estimate. Our goal is to have an estimate to the student in time for the student to make an enrollment decision by the Admission Office’s May 1 deadline.

Please note: All verification information must be submitted before a final award can be determined and before any funds can be disbursed. Also, the award may change depending on the final tax data and other verification information.

Accepting your Financial Aid Award

Once you've been awarded financial aid, follow these instructions to set up your Wheaton portal and accept your financial aid award.