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View and Accept Your Financial Aid Award

To view further details and accept your financial aid offer and/or decline any portion you do not wish to accept, please go to the Wheaton Portal (portal.wheaton.edu) and log in. If you have not already set up your Wheaton Portal, please refer to the instructions.


Once you have logged in, click on "undergraduate student" on the left, then click on "Banner Self-Service" on the right. Choose  Financial Aid, then the Financial Aid Status link.



This will take you to a page that asks for the appropriate aid year. Choose “2017 - 2018” and press the Submit button.



On the Financial Aid Status page, click the link titled “You have been awarded financial aid….”



This will take you to the Award Package page. Please carefully follow the instructions, moving through the tabs from left to right, to accept your financial aid award.




Please note that subsequent notifications regarding any changes to your financial aid status (new requirements, changes to your award, etc.) will not be sent to you through the mail. We will send all correspondence to your Wheaton College email address (i.e., joe.student@my.wheaton.edu). If you have not yet set up your Wheaton College email address, you will need to do so (please refer to the instructions at the link above). If you use another email address as your primary address, you will need to forward your Wheaton College address to your primary address so that you can receive notifications from our office.