Core Book Event with Dr. Ammann

Reflecting on The Plague: A Conversation with Dr. Arthur J. Ammann and Dr. Philip Ryken

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 | 7:00 p.m. Central | YouTube Premiere Event

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, how do we stay focused on whole-person needs without losing sight of the individuals behind the numbers? Join Dr. Arthur J. Ammann, pediatric immunologist and Wheaton alumnus, and President Ryken for a conversation on what we can learn from this year’s Core Book, Albert Camus’ The Plague, as we continue to wrestle with the difficult questions raised by COVID-19. 

Arthur J. Ammann M.D. is a pediatrician and an advocate for the health of vulnerable women and children for more than 50 years, a leader at the intersection of science and ethics. Early in his 40-year medical career, Dr. Ammann discovered several new genetic immunodeficiency diseases and performed the clinical trials that resulted in FDA approval of the first pneumococcal vaccine which prevented bacterial pneumonia and meningitis. That discovery has led to the saving of millions of lives, especially of children and the elderly. In 1982, Dr. Ammann described two of the three ways that HIV is transmitted, including the first cases of transmission of AIDS from mother to infant and the first blood transfusion associated AIDS patients. Some of his awards include the United States Surgeon General Award for Research; a featured publication in “The Greatest Good”; Special Award from the American Medical Association for Contributions to the area of AIDS; Heroes in Medicine Award awarded by the International Association of Physicians in AIDS; Outstanding Alumnus Award New Jersey College of Medicine; and the Wheaton College Distinguished Service to Society Award.