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Consulant Meaghan Falkanger

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Meaghan Falkanger, BA, MA

Since graduating from Wheaton in 2013, Meaghan has worked as a writer in a variety of spheres. As a paralegal and communications coordinator at a law firm, she drafted everything from demand letters to blog posts on recent legal statutes. Most recently, she was a member of Wheaton's Marketing Communications department, where she worked to tell the story of Wheaton College to its many constituencies.

In addition to her B.A. in English Literature, Meaghan holds an M.A. in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse from DePaul University.

For Meaghan, writing is like a "satisfying conversation. The process of entering into dialogue with different scholars, audiences, and discourse communities is an immense privilege! And, like a talk with a close friend, good writing requires both attentive listening to the conversations of your scholarly community and the thoughtful sharing of your own opinions."