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Consultant Katy Humnick

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Katy Humnick '20 

Maple Grove, MN 

English Writing major and Theatre minor 

For Katy, writing is like "sewing. First you learn how to thread the needle and use the machine. You learn what the different stiches are and what they can do for you. When you are starting out, you may have to buy your pattern and follow it exactly, but as you grow you will learn how to alter it to fit just the way you want. You learn how to tweak it and make it work for you, and finally you learn how to develop your own pattern from scratch. If you do it right, people will be able to see what you envisioned. They won't be thinking about how each step holds it together, though they could see it if they tried. Instead, they will be thinking about the finished product and hopefully how beautiful it looks. But sewing, like writing, takes work. You must start with the basics before you get to the ball gown."