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Consultant Christiana McGann

Christiana McGann 300x250 photo student consultant

Christiana McGann '19 

Washingtonville, NY 

English and Secondary Education major 

For Christiana, writing is like "going on a run. During a run, I usually experience a couple of different emotional phases. I might start out at a jaunty pace, full of verve and relishing in the world around me. I liken this to the optimistic brainstorming stage, when all in the writing world feels fresh. Then, my pace starts to slag. I suddenly notice the effort it takes to plod forward, step by step by step. At this stage in writing, words have flown from my mind to winter in Florida. But then, an inexplicable grit descends upon my running legs, and I begin to sprint. I am breathless. I am vivacious. I have a steely resolve to finish the run. For me, this nirvana of the writing stages often comes in the last moments of revising, when I have the discipline, clarity, and energy to make my content as refined as possible. The completion of both processes can produce a little sweat, occasional tears, and a pleased satisfaction."