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Assistant Director of Online Services and Consultant Abby Long



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Abby Long, BA, MA

After graduating from Wheaton with a B.A. (’13) in English Literature with a music minor, Abby served as a corps member with Teach For America in Nashville, Tennessee. She earned an M.A. (’14) in Instructional Practice from Lipscomb University. Since then, she has designed and taught a variety of courses in public and private schools, including middle school English, Bible, and personal finance courses, and high school French I, English II, English II Honors, English III, and AP Language and Composition. In her home state of Oregon, she also taught Secondary English at a Migrant Education Summer School Program.

Abby taught three semesters of First-Year Writing (ENGW 103 and 104) to undergraduate students at Wheaton College. She particularly enjoys designing learning experiences that disarm students of writing-based fears so they may cultivate truth-seeking practices and welcome revision as a life-giving, spiritually significant process. Outside of her role as a teacher, Abby enjoys reading and writing poetry and creative non-fiction.

For Abby, writing is like “guiding a blindfolded friend through an exciting obstacle course you’ve discovered. You want your friend to make it through uninjured (and ideally still as your friend), so you try to articulate the process as clearly as possible. You preempt confusion by warning your friend of upcoming obstacles, offering an alternate, logical route beyond them. You remain attentive to your friend’s blindfolded perspective while shaping your narration to ensure she experiences the course as you did on your final pass through—as thrilling, challenging-yet-navigable, and worthwhile. Trust between author and audience is essential.”