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ESL ConsultationStudents for whom English is a second language comprise an ever-increasing, and important, part of Wheaton’s student body. Multilingual students, including U.S. citizens and internationals, bring rich diversity to our campus community, reflecting the nature of the church worldwide and the kingdom of God. 

In our increasingly globalized environment, the skills and experiences of multilingual people have never been more in demand. Competence in more than one language and culture creates numerous opportunities for evangelism, entrepreneurship, and scholarship. 

To maximize these opportunities, non-native English users should seek the assistance of a consultant in the Writing Center. Through one-on-one consultations, interactive ESL computer software, and informational articles, the Writing Center provides free assistance to student writers, both undergraduate and graduate. Our friendly consultants are trained in the best practices to help you gain skills and confidence in English composition. Our goal is to improve your academic literacy in an English-language context, enabling you to communicate clearly while preserving your own unique voice.


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