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E-Transcript FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send to a school or business that is not in the eSCRIP-SAFE network?

Yes, electronic transcripts can be sent to anyone willing to accept them, even if they are not network recipients.  Both the name and the email address of the recipient are required to be provided on the request form.

Can I request an electronic transcript be sent to me?  Can it be saved to my computer?

Yes, the transcript will be labeled as "issued to student". It can be saved to your computer or printed.  However, it will expire from the eSCRIP-SAFE server 48 hours after it is opened, or 30 days after delivery.  If it is saved on your computer, it will not expire until you delete it.

Will I be informed when the transcript is sent?

Yes, you will be informed when the transcript is sent and also when it is opened by the recipient. The email will be sent from an eSCRIP-SAFE.com email address, NOT from Wheaton College.

Is the transcript mailed?

No, the transcript is uploaded to a secure server. The recipient of the transcript receives an email, providing instructions to him/her on how to access the transcript on the secure server.

Is there a cost for E-transcripts?

No, at this time, Wheaton College does not charge for e-transcripts.

Does eSCRIP-SAFE provide this service for other schools?

Yes, currently 300 other schools are in the sending network, including the University of Illinois at Champaign, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Gordon College and the College of William and Mary. In-network receivers total over 1,200 unique offices and include the University of Michigan, Harvard University, Georgetown University, and Northern Illinois University.