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Peer Coaching Program

What is the Wheaton College Peer Coaching Program?

The Wheaton College Peer Coaching Program is a free service to current undergrad and graduate students that provides a space to seek support and guidance from those who know firsthand what it’s like to be a Wheaton College student. Through private, personalized coaching sessions, students will receive assistance in navigating their academic life. Coaches work with students to identify goals, action steps, provide accountability, connect to resources, and learn about themselves.

Who are Peer Coaches?

Peer Coaches have been nominated for their roles by faculty and staff who observed, firsthand, their academic skills and abilities, social and emotional maturity, leadership qualities, and desire to help others. In addition to their own life experience, they have been specially trained to listen and help their peers navigate challenges both inside and outside the classroom. Peer coaches are passionate about supporting others’ academic flourishing.

Meet the Coaches!


Hello! My name is Christine, and I am from the beautiful Boston, Massachusetts area. I transferred from UNC to Wheaton College as a junior and I am currently studying Psychology and Anthropology. Some of my favorite hobbies include creative writing, worshipping on my guitar, exploring coffee shops, hiking, baking and sharing testimonies of how the Lord is working! I am on the cabinets for both Zoë’s Feet Dance Ministry and World Christian Fellowship, and love using dance to worship. I love how peer coaching can allow us to discover our unique God-given ways of learning and how to utilize them in order to accomplish his purposes through us!
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Hello! My name is Abby, and I’m from Lubbock, Texas. Some things I enjoy include baking bread, yoga, overalls, the band Camp, thinking about works on theology by the church Fathers, and learning other people’s stories. I’m a junior majoring in Bible and Theology. While I’m passionate about learning, I know it to be a journey of challenge. However, I believe the reward to be so wonderfully worth it! I’m excited to walk along side and encourage other students as we all seek to thrive in this season of college.
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Hey, I’m Ana! I’m a sophomore studying clinical psychology. I currently live in Kentucky when I‘m not at school and have also lived in New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Germany. Some of my favorite activities include biking, climbing, swimming, running, reading, and hanging out with my friends. I love board and card games and aspire to learn more about the world by traveling to places I haven’t been yet (mostly Asia and Africa). I’m excited to peer coach and help others find a balance in academic life. I love helping people, so I’d love to meet with you and help in whatever way I can to make your Wheaton College life more enjoyable.
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Hi, I’m Estelle! I’m from Schaumburg, Illinois. I’m a junior here at Wheaton, and a Media Studies Communications major. I’m also a barista at the downtown Wheaton Starbucks – so please come visit and say hi! I transferred to Wheaton January 2020, and it was a huge adjustment. My first year and a half at Wheaton was full of a lot of learning, struggling, and discovery. LAS and the staff were an integral part of my learning to be a successful Wheaton student academically, socially and spiritually. If you need help in simply navigating being a student at Wheaton, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am eager to listen, guide, and care for you in the best way I can. I would be so honored to help you along your journey here at Wheaton.
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Hi everyone! I’m Liliana and I’m a sophomore, double majoring in business economics and communications with a concentration in rhetoric. I’m a small town girl from Rhode Island and I love skiing, being outdoors, and spending time with friends. I’m on the club lacrosse team, co-president of UCC (upper class council) and on the cabinet for Turning Point USA. I can’t wait to help you set your goals, find what study strategies work best for you, and get to know you. Hope to meet with you soon.
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