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Faculty Internal Funding Resources

Wheaton College takes seriously its commitment to ongoing faculty development. Following are brief descriptions, deadlines for submissions, and links to forms related to the various programs that provide resources for faculty growth and development.

Internal Funding managed through the Academic Affairs Office

  • Faculty Development Discretionary Expense Program
    Full-time, permanent Wheaton College faculty members receive funds for approved professional development expenses up to $500 annually; part-time permanent faculty and Visiting faculty receive $250. The College expends approximately$100,000 annually to support this program.

    Faculty Development Discretionary Expense Guidelines

  • Faculty Travel Grant
    As part of Faculty Development, the Travel Grant is used to offset travel costs for advanced study, paper presentations, national and international boards or attendance at professional conferences.  The Guideline Letter outlines project and status eligibility.

    Deadline for submission of applications: 
    Forms related to this grant:
    Faculty Travel Grant Guideline Letter
    Faculty Travel Grant Application Form

  • Hawthorne House
    Hawthorne House, in Cambridge England, represents a magnificent resource, available for Wheaton faculty to use during a sabbatical or other academic leave. It provides a pleasant residence at affordable cost, as well as the opportunity to be involved with the broader Cambridge academic community. Any faculty doing research in the Cambridge area may apply for residence in Hawthorne House. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

    Forms related to this grant:
    Hawthorne House Policy 
    Hawthorne House Resident's Guide
    Hawthorne House Application
    Payroll Deduction Form

Internal Funding managed through the Sponsored Program Office

  • G. W. Aldeen Memorial Fund Program
    This endowed fund was established to provide financial support for faculty who are writing with intent to publish, seeking to conduct publishable empirical research, or seeking support for significant creative works or performances. Examples of suitable projects would include scholarly articles and books; recitals, concerts, and artistic projects; and significant popular books. The endowment provides approximately $70,000 each year for this program. Applications are reviewed twice a year, with funds immediately available upon notification of receiving award.

    Deadlines for submission of applications: September 10 (or closest business day)
    Aldeen Grant Online Application
  • Alumni Association Faculty Grant Program
    The Alumni Association Faculty Grant Program continues to provide some support for its originally intended focus: completion of terminal degrees by Wheaton faculty. With fewer today needing to complete such degrees after being hired, these funds now principally support faculty growth as teachers and scholars. A major priority has been supplemental support of faculty sabbaticals when other funding is not available. Approximately $40,000 is available annually, with funds distributed in the academic year after application. Application deadline for the next academic year is February 15 (or closest business day).  Because funds must be expended before July 1st (over 5 months after the application due date) and June 1 of the following calendar year, this program requires long-range planning.

    Deadline for submission of applications: February 15 (or closest business day) 
    Alumni Grant Online Application
  • Junior Faculty Development Grant Program
    Junior faculty often are under greater financial stress and simultaneously feel more pressure to develop as teachers and scholars to meet requirements for tenure at Wheaton College. Funded by the Alumni Association, the Junior Faculty Development Program provides up to three (3)  $3,800 grants to junior faculty as a supplemental salary stipend, with the understanding that recipients will not engage in additional teaching or other employment during that year but will focus exclusively on development as a teacher and scholar. Eligibility is limited to faculty who are full-time Associate Lectures, Senior Lecturers, non-tenured Assistant and Associate Professors.

    Deadline for submission of applications: February 15 (or closest business day) 
    Junior Faculty Development Grant Online Application
  • Sabbatical Leave Program
    The Sabbatical Leave Program is designed to enrich faculty members for continued service to students of Wheaton College. Operating on a seven-year cycle, the program releases recipients from all normal faculty responsibilities. With full salary for one semester or half salary (with additional health care costs) for one year with no teaching responsibilities, faculty members are able to engage in professional activities to energize and enhance the next seven years of their scholarship and teaching. Approximately $260,000 annually is generated from an endowment to support the sabbatical program, and the Hawthorne House in Cambridge England is available to faculty on sabbatical, at an affordable cost. The deadline for application for the next academic year is October 31.

    Deadline for submission of applications: October 31 (or closest business day)
    Sabbatical Application Form

 Sample Applications
Jamie Aten
Jon Eckert
Jason Long
Doug Moo
Kristen Page

Other Available Campus Grants

  • Alumni Association Faculty Missions Project Grant 
    In addition to the above, the Alumni Association provides support in its annual budget for faculty members to serve in missions work in underdeveloped countries during periods when school is not in session. Along with serving needs in those areas, the project is intended to enhance the quality of classroom teaching. Preference is given to those who have had no such previous experience or who return to work in projects in which they have developed special relationships that are of a strategic nature. A faculty committee reviews and recommends projects for Alumni Board approval. After completion, participants report a summary of their experiences to the Alumni Board. Another FMP grant for Wheaton College faculty and their families is the Dr. Timothy R. Phillips Scholarship. Families must have at least one dependent child of high school age or younger, but no child under the age of two. The applicant family must intend to serve in the short-term missions experience for a month or more so that they may become sincerely involved with the culture and people.

    Applications are accepted, reviewed, and approved year round but funds are limited, so apply early.
    Forms related to this grant:
    Alumni FMP Policy
    Alumni FMP Application Form
    Timothy R. Phillips FMP Policy 
    Timothy R. Phillips FMP Application Form

  • AIT Technology Grant
    The Academic Technology Grant typically provides up to a total of $50,000 in support of faculty initiatives that strengthen teaching and advance faculty research. This program is designed to offer a supplementary source of funds to allow enhanced use of technology in teaching and learning.
  • Global Faculty Grant Awards - sponsored by Global and Experiential Learning
    Wheaton seeks to nurture intercultural competency in faculty as well as students. The Center for Global and Experiential Learning provides grant resources to help faculty and staff globalize the Wheaton experience for students while also enhancing their own cross-cultural capabilities.  Please see website for deadlines and application details.

Arthur Vining Davis Foundation’s Faculty Intercultural Skill Enhancement Seminars
Faculty Global Research
Globalization of the Curriculum
Stott Global Faculty Study/Research Leave