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Perceptive Content and WebNow

Perceptive Content and WebNow

The Perceptive Content logo, with a yellow circle Perceptive Content is Wheaton College's solution for long-term document storage, archiving, and workflow.

To request a Perceptive Content account, fill out this form.

The webnow logo WebNow is the web-based application for Mac users or others without​ the desktop client. You must use Safari or Firefox to log in to WebNow.

When to Use

  • Long-term storage for records
  • Submitting Check Requests
  • Eliminating paper document workflow

Do not use Perceptive Content for short-term document storage or for documents actively being modified.

Advanced Features

  • Documents can be entered into Perceptive Content:
    • Scanned and uploaded using your department copy machine and the ImageNow Printer
    • Scanned directly into Perceptive Content using a department-owned scanner
  • Documents can be viewed by any user with a Perceptive Content account
    • By logging into the desktop application
    • By logging in to the web application
  • Find your documents quickly and easily with predefined searches

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