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Digital Signage

Please note that Digital Signs are in the process of being depreciated and/or becoming decentralized to be locally managed. Expected completion First quarter 2022.
Icons of a vertical and horizontal digital display Digital signs located across campus carry announcements from College departments and student organizations for events or programs open to the campus community and visiting public or to the undergraduate student body.

Read the Internal Digital Communication Policy before distributing campus announcements.

Digital signage announcements consist of graphic slide images or silent video animations up to ten seconds in duration, with a word count limit of 35, which display on digital signs in public spaces and in some departmental offices. Exact placement will depend on the announcement content. Learn more >>.

Announcements received by noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays when offices are open will be scheduled onto the digital signage system by the end of the day. By default, announcements will run for seven days unless a shorter duration is specified. Announcements may be submitted and scheduled in advance of their desired display dates.

Guide for Creating and Scheduling Announcements >>