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Reformed Church in America Partnership

Pursue your M.A. in Ministry Leadership with the RCA

Together in partnership, Wheaton College and the RCA are offering an M.A. in Ministry Leadership for those with a desire to deepen their faith and raise their level of leadership while collaborating with others. Through this program, you will add a new dimension to your ministry as you learn from practitioners, church builders, and ministers who have worked in both small and large community church contexts. 

The Reformed Church in America is dedicated to supporting you in your ministry. For us, there’s nothing better than walking alongside you and your church, helping you take your next step toward fulfilling God’s vision for your ministry. Our partnership with Wheaton College helps you do that. 

Through this advanced degree, students receive Christ-centered, academically challenging, and onsite training from credible educators and proven practitioners to equip them for effective local church leadership and redemptive community engagement in the 21st century.

There are many benefits to those who are part of the RCA cohort or student groups. Cohorts of fifteen or more graduate students receive a 25% tuition discount, and self-paged groups of fewer than fifteen students receive a 15% discount. In a cohort, you enjoy the extra benefit of journeying together as a group of like-minded students for the entire length of the program. As a self-paced student, you still get the benefits of the program while learning on your own schedule. As part of the 42 hour (11 classes) degree, students take courses that attend to issues, concepts, and questions faced by ministers and leaders in the RCA. The unique degree features both online and onsite instruction; ongoing connection with peers and professors through a dedicated social media account; contextual coaching for those already in ministry, and more.

The M.A. in Ministry Leadership allows leaders to grow in their Biblical knowledge and leadership skills as they continue to shepherd and grow their ministry. It’s designed to help any church leader translate theology into compelling practical ways to serving their people.

Although M.A. students share the same hunger for growing in Biblical knowledge, they also bring variety of viewpoints. Ministry leaders represent different backgrounds and ideas across the evangelical spectrum. There is a great benefit to the collaboration and learning that can further impact leaders as they lead their churches each week.

The M.A. in Ministry Leadership focuses on three key areas: mission, Bible and theology, and leadership. World-renowned faculty train Christian leaders for challenges they face in a constantly changing culture.

For more information and to apply, visit the graduate school admissions page.