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Matthew Milliner, Ph.D.

The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies

Associate Professor of Art History
On Faculty since 2011

Phone: 630.752.5270
Email: Matthew.Milliner@wheaton.edu


Ph.D. Art History (Princeton University)

M.A. Art History (Princeton University)

M.Div. (Princeton Theological Seminary)

B.A. Art History (Wheaton College)

About Matthew Milliner

Dr. Milliner teaches across the range of art history with an eye for the prospects and pitfalls of visual theology. He holds an M.A. & Ph.D. in art history from Princeton University, and an M.Div from Princeton Theological Seminary. His scholarly specialization is Byzantine and medieval art, with a focus on how such images inform contemporary visual culture. He is a two-time appointee to the Curatorial Advisory Board of the United States Senate, and winner of Redeemer University’s Emerging Public Intellectual Award.

Courses Taught

Art Survey (ART 101)
History of Art & Architecture I (ART 251)
History of Art & Architecture II (ART 351)
Medieval & Byzantine Art (ART 352)
Renaissance & Reformation Art (ART 353)
Senior Seminar in Art History (ART 494)
What is an Image? (CORE First Year Seminar)
Native Jesus: The Art & Literature of Native America (CORE Advanced Integrative Seminar)
Mother of God: The Art & Theology of the Virgin Mary (CORE Advanced Integrative Seminar)

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