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Keith Johnson, Ph.D.

The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies

Associate Professor of Theology
On Faculty since 2008

Office: BGC 514
Phone: (630)752-5432
Email: Keith.Johnson@wheaton.edu


Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2008

Th.M., Duke Divinity School, 2004

M.Div., Baylor University, 2002

B.A., Baylor University, 1999

About Keith Johnson

"The transformation of the human mind and its renewal through assimilation to the mind of Christ is something that has to go on throughout the whole of our life—it is a never-ending discipleship in repentant rethinking as we take up the cross and follow Christ. That is why we cannot be theologians without the incessant prayer in offering ourselves daily to God through the reconciling and atoning mediation of Christ; and that is also why we cannot be evangelists without being theologians whose minds are constantly schooled in obedience to Christ.” –T.F. Torrance 


My research focuses on modern and contemporary systematic theology with an emphasis on the work of theologians from the majority world. Other interests include the traditional and contemporary dialogues between Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant theologians, recent developments related to the doctrines of the Trinity and Christology, and theological accounts of race. In addition to some edited volumes, I am currently writing a book on Jesus of Nazareth. 

Courses Taught

  • BITH 111 Gospel, Church, and Culture
  • BITH 315 Christian Thought
  • BITH 374 Systematic Theology
  • BITH 377 Contemporary Theology
  • BITH 385 The Doctrine of the Triune God
  • BITH 391 Doctrine of Salvation
  • BITH 392 Doctrine of Scripture 
  • BITH 398 Eastern Orthodox Theology
  • BITH 399 Readings in Eastern Orthodox Theology
  • BITH 484/558 The Theology of Thomas Aquinas
  • BITH 486 Theology of John Calvin 
  • BITH 488/558 Theology of Karl Barth
  • BITH 565 Christian Theology
  • BITH 656 Modern Theology
  • BITH 675 Advanced Systematic Theology: Nature and Grace
  • CORE 101 First Year Seminar


Membership in Professional Societies

  • American Academy of Religion


  • Modern and contemporary theology 
  • Theology from the majority world 
  • The relationship between nature and grace 
  • The doctrines of the Trinity and Christology


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