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Wheaton Theology Conference Schedule

Theology Conference 2021 Schedule

Thursday April 8, 2021

9:00–10:10 am      Jeffrey Barbeau, “A Theology of Imagination”
10:20–11:10 am    Tish Harrison Warren, “Making, Longing, and Lament”
11:20–12:00 pm    “Four Cantos on Wonder” poetry by Karen An-hwei Lee, composition by Misook Kim, and                                         performance by the Chicago New Arts Trio - Carolyn Hart (soprano), Jennie Brown (flute),
                                     Misook Kim (piano)
1:15–3:00 pm       Crystal Downing, “A Theology of Film Art”, Marcus Plested, “The Wonder of Orthodoxy”
3:15–5:00 pm       Jennifer Craft, “Making Home”, Jeremy Begbie, “The Art of New Creation”
7:00 pm                Scott Cairns, “Imagination and What We Cannot Know”

Friday April 9, 2021

8:00–8:45 am        Ministry “Breakfast” Conversation (Leaders: Jeffrey Barbeau & Emily McGowin)
9:00–10:15 am      Emily McGowin, “Wonder, Children, and Theology”
10:30–11:15 am    Chapel: Jeffrey Barbeau
11:30–12:30 pm    Cheryl Sanders, “An Overcoming Church”
1:15–1:50 pm       Zoe's Feet (special performance)
2:00–3:00 pm       Nijay Gupta, “The Doxological Apostle”
3:15–4:15 pm       Andrew Peterson, “The Mystery of Making”
4:30–5:15 pm       “Wheaton Theology Conference: A Retrospective”, Roundtable discussion: David Lauber with Jeffrey Greenman, Mark Husbands, and Dennis Okholm
5:15-5:30pm         Closing Comments

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