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Leah Samuelson, M.A.

Urban Studies

Associate Lecturer of Art
On Faculty since 2009

Phone: (630)752-5653
Email: Leah.Samuelson@wheaton.edu


M.A. Urban Studies: Arts in Transformation, Eastern University; Tony Campolo School for Social Change

B.A., Wheaton College, Drawing

About Leah Samuelson

Trained in high-end commercial mural painting with a Chicago-based studio and also in urban slums with the Philadelphia-based arts-intervention and education group BuildaBridge, Leah Samuelson now focuses on transformational pedagogy, socially engaged art curriculum development, and strategies of institutional collaboration through the arts. Projects currently in development use traditional byzantine mosaic techniques to engage powerful and well-served communities in explorations of restraint. Community art projects may involve political, economic, social, religious, and ecological spheres in grappling with what it means to be good to our neighbors and good to ourselves.

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