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Wheaton Network Initiative on Gender, Development and Christianity - Faculty 

Faculty across disciplines are involved with the network, bring experience in the practice of development, and engage in research at the intersection of gender, development, and faith.

Kent Annan - Wheaton College ILKent Annan
Director of Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership
Humanitarian Disaster Institute/Humanitarian Disaster Leadership
Kent Annan profile

Laura Montgomery Wheaton College ILLaura Montgomery
Professor of Anthropology
Dean of Global Programs and Studies
Global Programs and Studies 

 Amy Reynolds - Wheaton College ILAmy Reynolds
Associate Professor of Sociology
Amy Reynolds profile

Laura S. Meitzner Yoder - Wheaton College ILLaura S. Meitzner Yoder
Professor of Environmental Science
Director and John Stott Chair of Human Needs and Global Resources
Human Needs and Global Resources 
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Beth BirminghamBeth Birmingham
Fellow, Leadership and International Development
Humanitarian Disaster Institute/Humanitarian Disaster Leadership