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Career Skills

Valuable Career Skills

The following chart shows a list of valuable career skills and which sociology courses correspond to those skills. The course numbers at the top of the chart, and the corresponding names of the courses below the chart are links to full course information in the College catalog.

Note: This chart includes required courses in the major and some elective courses.

Sociology Careers Skills Chart
Analytical Thinking and Innovation  
Active Learning and Learning Strategies ●    ●  ●      ●  ● 
Complex Problem 
Solving, Reasoning,
and Ideation
Critical Thinking
and Analysis
Originality, and
Written, Oral
Quantitative and
Qualitative Research
Design and 
Resilience, Stress
Tolerance and 
  115 376 383 482 491/493 494  337  347  355 



SOC 115 Intro to Sociology
SOC 376 Sociological Theory
SOC 383 Statistics
SOC 482 Social Research
SOC 491/493 Thesis Research
SOC 494 Capstone
SOC 337 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 347 Gender and Society
SOC 355 Social Class and Inequality