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Activities for Undergraduate Psychology Students

Scandrette Lecture

While the Department annually sponsors several lectures by distinguished psychologists, the most important of these is the annual  Scandrette Lecture which focuses on the integration of Psychology and Christianity. It generally occurs during the spring semester of the academic year. This lecture is specifically designed to address issues of interest to Christian psychologists.

Department Chapel

Each year the psychology department has two department chapels. The fall chapel is directed by the psychology department faculty and staff, while the spring semester chapel is directed by Psi Chi. Faculty and local psychologists have been featured as guest speakers during these chapels.


A department-wide graduation celebration in the Spring is one of our annual highlights.

Each Christmas,  Psi Chi sponsors an undergraduate Christmas party which usually takes place at the home of one of the undergraduate faculty members. This is an opportunity for all psychology majors and minors to come and fellowship inside the community of the psychology department and get to know their professors and each other on a more personal level.