Physics and Engineering Department

 Studying Physics or Engineering at Wheaton will prepare you well for going on to graduate school, physics teaching, industrial careers, and a variety of other jobs that utilize the analytical and problem solving abilities of physicists and engineers.

Scholarship Information for Incoming Freshmen

The physics merit scholarship is awarded annually to up to four students, typically one in each of the four classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).

Department Introduces New B.S. in Applied Physics

This program is well suited to those students who want to pursue engineering or a similar area after graduating with a physics degree from Wheaton.

Student Involvement

Whatever your interests are, whether you just want to hang out with other physics or engineering students during the Thursday morning Tea & Cookie time, or want to take part in outreach, engineering competitions, participate in exciting study abroad programs or work alongside professors as a Teaching Assistant in the department, we have a place for you to get involved.

Research Opportunities

Students are strongly encouraged to pursue research opportunities with a Wheaton faculty member or at another institution. Fermilab and Argonne National Lab are within commuting distance of the College and offer student internship programs throughout the year.

Astronomical Observatory

The observatory crowning the science center houses a state-of-the-art PlaneWave Instruments CDK24 telescope, with a 24-inch diameter primary mirror and a Corrected Dall-Kirkham design to maximize image clarity and focus over an exceptionally large field of view.  

The Physics department is currently conducting searches for open positions. For further information on the nature of these positions, please contact Dr. Darren Craig.