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Study Abroad

The Spanish program at Wheaton College features three options for studying abroad.

While classroom instruction significantly contributes to the acquisition of a second language, everyday, meaningful interaction with the target culture and people amounts to more effective learning. For this reason, the Spanish major requires academic study, normally 8-10 credit hours, in a Spanish-speaking country of the student’s choice. Students may choose to study for a semester or year abroad or they may participate in a summer with approved programs that Wheaton does not offer. 

The Spanish department is committed to providing students with the coursework and experiences needed to complete the major. Each summer, groups of 20-35 students head off to Spain (even numbered summers) or Latin America (odd numbered summers). In addition to a rigorous academic experience, students have the opportunity to visit many sites of historic and cultural importance in the company of Wheaton professors who help them process the material they are learning, all the while keeping issues of faith in the forefront.