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Spanish Requirements

Spanish Major

For complete information on courses please reference the college catalog.

Requires a minimum of 32 semester credit hours:

Required Courses (20 credit hours)

Course                         Name Hours
SPAN 331   Spanish Conversation 4
SPAN 332   Grammar and Composition 4
SPAN 337   LE; GP* Survey of Spanish American Literature 4
SPAN 341      or   LE; GP* Writing the Empire: Spanish Literature Before 1800 4
SPAN 342   LE; GP* Global Spain: Spanish Literature Before 1800 4
SPAN 494   Senior Seminar (topic varies) 4


AND Study Abroad - Options include Wheaton in Spain, Wheaton in Mexico, Wheaton in Costa Rica (or equivalent academic term abroad) 

SPAN 334   GP* Spanish Civilization and Culture (required for Spain) 4
SPAN 338   Intensive Adv Spanish (required for Spain, Mexico & Costa Rica) 4
SPAN 389   GP* Costa Rica Culture and Society (Required for Costa Rica) 2-4
SPAN 489   Topics in Hispanic Culture 2-4
GEL 301   VPAV* Survey of Mexican Art 2
GEL 302   HP* Exploring Mexica History 4
GEL 321   SI* Engaging Mexican Cultures (SPAN credit awarded when course offered in Spanish) 4

The following electives may be used to reach a minimum of 32 upper-division hours:

SPAN 310   Culture & Grammar Review 4
SPAN 335   GP* Latin American Culture and Civilization (fall) 4
SPAN 357   DUS* Latino cultures in the United States (spring) 4
SPAN 371   Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages (fall; required for secondary ed.) 4
SPAN 352; 353; 439   Topics in Language, Literature, or Culture
(every semester)
SPAN 493   Mentoring (topics vary, instructor permission required) 4
SPAN 495   Independent Study (Departmental permission required) 2-4
SPAN 496   Internship (Departmental permission required) 2-4
LING 321   Introduction to Linguistics (spring) 2


Spanish Secondary Education Requirements

SPAN 331, 332, 337, 341 or 342, 371, 494, an academic term in a Spanish-speaking country to total 32 upper-division hours in Spanish, and EDUC 135 The School and Society (2), EDUC 136 Teaching Diverse Students (2), EDUC 136L Cross-Cultural Practicum (1), EDUC 225 Learning and Development (4), EDUC 225L Practicum (1), EDUC 305 Learning Differences (2), EDUC 305L Learning Differences Practicum (1), EDUC 306 Classroom Communication and Curriculum Integration (4), EDUC 324L Methods Practicum (1), EDUC 494 Senior Seminar (2), EDUC 496 Student Teaching (9), EDUC 497 Philosophical Foundations (3). See Education Department for course descriptions.

*OJO 1
Abbreviations refer to courses fulfilling general education requirements of the Thematic Core. LE = Literary Explorations; GP = Global Perspectives; DUS = Diversity in the United States; VPAV = Visual & Performing Arts--Visual; HP = Historical Perspectives; SI = Social Inquiry.

Students may work with their advisors to complete alternative study abroad programs not offered by Wheaton. The alternative program must be accredited by a U.S. four-year college or university or by the International Accreditation Association of Colleges and Universities. Six (6) credits minimum; 8-16 recommended.

At least 16 hours must be taken in residence; that is, through Wheaton College. No more than 16 hours of upper-division transfer credit in Spanish may be applied to the major. Transfer credits include AP credits and coursework completed abroad through a non-Wheaton College or a non-CCCU program.

OJO 4 
Students may repeat a course number with a “Topics” designation as long as a different topic is offered.

Spanish Minor

Students take 20 hours of coursework at the upper-divisional (300-400) level.  Conversation (331) and Advanced Grammar and Composition (332) are required.  Wheaton in Spain or Wheaton in Latin America are strongly recommended. Minors are encouraged to consult with a SPAN faculty member regarding selection of courses.